Terms and conditions

  1. The rental car is delivered with a full tank, clean inside and out, and is to be returned at our office, unless otherwise agreed.
  2. If the car is returned dirty or needs refueling, washing is invoiced with NOK. 450, – pr. time plus MVA. Fuel is replenished and paid according to the sum of the pump + VAT
  3. Rental prices are most often incl. agreed distance. If the agreement is without an agreed distance, each km is invoiced  NOK 3.90 per. km + mva
  4. In the event of an accident or damage due to the tenant, up to NOK 15,000 in deductible can be invoiced for insurance. Speed ​​fines and parking fines are invoiced to the customer in arrears with NOK 500 in invoicing fees. The cars have full insurance with our insurance companies.
  5. In the case of a long-term lease / company agreement, the user of the car is responsible for inspecting the oil, coolant, washer fluid and wipers, as well as lights. These are consumables, and are not included in the rental price of the car, if the rental agreement is over 3 weeks. It is expected that the responsible user cleans regularly. During periods of road salting, the car must be driven in the washing machine at least twice a month. The air pressure in the tires is checked regularly. Equipment that is mounted on and accompanies the car upon receipt is the tenant’s responsibility. Lost or damaged equipment is replaced by the tenant.
  6. If the car is not returned at the agreed time, and the tenant does not become available by telephone or other media within 6 hours after the agreement expires, the car can be requested. If the car is not delivered and an explanation / agreement is made after 12 hours, the car is reported stolen to the Police, and a search / investigation is initiated. The costs of this accrue to the tenant.
  7. If a rental car is used for criminal acts, driven while intoxicated or in an irresponsible manner, so that damage occurs, the tenant will be fully financially responsible for this.
  8. Payment for the car takes place, either by payment to account no. 3626.28.52096, Bookbil AS before collection, or in cash when collecting a car.
  9. Corporate agreements are invoiced by further agreement.
  10. All leases between Bookbil As and private tenants basically require a deposit of NOK. 2000, – which is paid before collection or cash with collection of the rental car.

The deposit is refunded upon return of the car, if the car is clean, and has a full tank, and there has been no damage to the rental. NB!

You can now pay both deposit and rent with VIPPS when picking up a car!